ADA Investigations

Why ADA Investigations?

Pena Investigations works closely with both attorneys and businesses in all aspects of investigating allegations of non-compliance with ADA. This can be a follow up investigation for failed ADA compliance towards a disabled individual or working closely with businesses with investigating allegations on non-compliance with the ADA.

ADA Investigations and Consulting

For Legal Clients

We work closely with our legal clients on follow up investigations to assist their clients.

For Business Clients

Helping businesses reach compliance with ADA regulations, including policy review, amendments, structural reviews, employee training, etc.

California is one of the most ADA compliant states in the U.S. & under state regulations, ANY violation of the ADA is considered a civil rights violation and is subject to a minimum penalty of $4,000. The ADA protects the rights of individuals with disabilities and guarantees equal opportunity/access in…

  • Employment
  • State and Local Government Programs
  • Places and Public accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications