Fiduciary Investigations

How We Investigate Fiduciary Breach...

If you entrust funds or other assets with a person in a “Fiduciary Role” and you feel as if there has been a breach of conduct, we will investigate the issue thoroughly and provide you with reliable facts. We will review the situation and let you know if there has been a breach. If there has in fact been a breach, we will let you know if it is worth pursuing and the best strategy to address the breach. Whether that just be simply removing the fiduciary or in some circumstances a lawsuit for a breach may be warranted. In the case of a lawsuit being needed, the best chance for success is if you work with a litigation lawyer which we would pass our data discovered over to one of our trusted partners or a lawyer you choose.

What Does Fiduciary Mean?

A fiduciary has control over another individual’s money, property, or person, and has a duty to always act on that person’s behalf in a loyal, honest, and trustworthy manner. The fiduciary is in a position to control the money, property, or well being of the beneficiary. This includes an Executer or Personal Representative for an Estate, Attorneys, CPA’s, Brokers/Bankers, Board Members, Business Partners, Investment Advisors, Physicians, Healthcare Providers, or a Guardian/Power Of Attorney. A fiduciary can’t do anything that can be perceived as breaking the trust of the beneficiary. Making decisions that benefit the fiduciary at the expense of the beneficiary is considered a conflict of interest.