Background Checks

Why Background Checks?

Background checks are for employers, homeowners, and asset lenders to investigate a individual’s past and present financial and legal situation. If you’re trusting a individual with money, valuables, or sensitive information then you want to make sure who you’re doing business with.

There are 3 Levels of Background Checks

Level 1

This is known as a basic background check and is the most common. It includes a search of public records which reveals any criminal convictions, bankruptcies, liens, or judgements. Generally most employers will only need a level 1 background check. This level does not include private records.

Level 2

This background check includes a public search as in Level 1 plus a search of private records. Private records include; employment history, education history, and reference checks. We can go as deep as you would like into references, we can physically go to schools, past employers, friends/family, ex significant others, and so on to investigate details about the individual from outside parties. We can also contact these individuals through phone and email.

Level 3

The most comprehensive background check of all. It includes all the information from the other 2 levels plus a search of military records and credit reports. Credit reports reveal if individual has a history of financial instability. Military records can show if an individual has a history of drug abuse or mental illness.