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We have 25+ years of experience providing high quality investigation services for all of California. We are discreet and confidential and our main goal is to bring you all the evidence with solutions. We serve law enforcement, attorneys, forensic accountants, corporations, business owners, public figures, and everyday citizens.

We Are Professional

We take Professionalism very seriously when it comes to your Life & Finances. We do what is expected of us, Exceptionally Well. We listen to your needs, discover a game plan, conduct research and put together reliable evidence. Our investigators are discreet, empathetic, and determined.

We Are Thorough

We leave “No Stone Unturned” and go above and beyond to find the truth for you. Being thorough is what we pride ourselves on and when Peña Investigations is on the job you can expect to get all the data you need to present your case. Problem solving and perseverance are our main focus.

We Are Dependable

You can always expect us to deliver what we promise. Being reliable, honest, and compassionate is very important to us personally and for our profession. You will experience dependability from the beginning to the end when working with Peña Investigations.

Our Process

Each case is conducted under the guidelines of conduct established by the National Council of Investigators & Security Services (NCISS) accompanied by a clear understanding of laws governing privacy and fair claims practices.​ Our investigators are all licensed, bonded, and insured.

We will provide you a free consultation so we can discover your needs

We will discover a game plan together based on your ultimate goals

We will provide you with a price quote and a time frame

You will be assigned an agent that will investigate your case

We will keep you informed every step of the way

We will hand over a detailed report of our investigation findings

Featured Solutions

Fiduciary Investigations

For when you feel there has been a breach in trust, a business associate has maybe embezzled funds, or a partner is not being transparent enough. Our fraud and fiduciary investigators can help solve these types of cases by finding where the money went and how it was done.

Background Checks

When a private business or persons want to employ people who are going to handle valuables or valuable information; you want to protect your business. You do so by knowing who is working for you. We can conduct level 1 through 3 background checks for you to prevent major surprises.

ADA Investigations

We provide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) investigations and consulting. We will assist you in making sure you are covering yourself from liability or holding someone else accountable for not following the law. Our ADA investigation will help you make a solid decision on how to move forward.

We will never accept a case if we don't believe we can over deliver for you. If we take your case you will receive professional, thorough, and dependable investigation work. Good communication and client satisfaction is what we deliver to you!

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